My name is Lisa Boldin and I am the Coordinator of the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Certification program based at the Justice Resource Institute in Boston. I have been a Facilitator of TCTSY and a Supervisor of students in the Certification program since 2015. I am currently a graduate student at the University of New England School of Social Work. I believe strongly that those of us working in the field of trauma and recovery must continuously educate ourselves on neuroscience, attachment theory, and trauma theory, the foundations of our evidence-based practice. 

My background consists of 200 hours of yoga teacher training as well as 300 hours of TCTSY training. I have a formal ongoing relationship with the Trauma Center which provides me accessibility to case consultation with a senior member of the TCTSY team, continuing education, and training, engagement in a peer-based Reflective Practice group and participation in the annual Trauma Conference held in conjunction with Lesley University. In 2017 I completed the  Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies through the Trauma Center. Prior to training in yoga, I received over 1,000 hours of education in the science of Ayurveda.

My focus is on providing those who have experienced Complex Trauma or chronic treatment-resistant  PTSD a clinical intervention that is based on scientific knowledge of how trauma affects the body. I offer TCTSY in small group settings and individual sessions. I work alongside clinicians in medical facilities, hospitals and in group practices. I also offer services in a private location in North Hampton, NH.

TCTSY offers a chance for trauma survivors to have a present moment experience that includes choice making and personal empowerment. This practice has been effective in helping people have a felt sense of their body, something which is challenging for many who have experienced complex trauma. My work is adjunct to that which is provided by clinicians and other trauma spectrum support programs.

In November of 2017, I had the honor of speaking at the Erik Cogswell Memorial Conference held in Portsmouth, NH. In the Fall of 2016, I was a featured speaker at the NH Behavioral Health Conference. In May of 2015, I shared TCTSY with attendees at the International Trauma Conference in Boston.  In 2014 I spoke at the Yoga Journal Conferences in San Francisco and NYC. I shared mindfulness practices with attendees at the International Youth Forum Seliger 2013 in Russia. In 2012 I was a featured speaker at the National Ayurvedic Medical Association conference in Seattle, WA. 

I have a deep commitment to the work I offer. I am humbled to sit alongside many, many brave people who have chosen to address past traumas. I am grateful to work with colleagues who feel equally strongly about this work.

I welcome your inquiries. I can be reached at (603)860-1044 or at

​​​​Lisa Boldin, Director, TCTSY-F, RYT